Welcoming Tap Solos, Duets, Trios & Groups to REP2018!


Tap dance initially evolved as an intricate musical and social exchange between Irish indentured servants and West African slaves in America. Drawing from Afro-Irish percussive step dances like the jig, gioube, buck-and-wing, and juba, tap dance has been an important aspect of history when considering race, racism, and race relations since the early 1800s and blackface minstrels. Over the past century, tap dance has grown immensely by integrating many different cultures, and being influenced by a plethora of musical styles.


Staying true to the vision of Represent we will be providing a tap judge that is well versed and familiar with the history of tap. Having proper judges that know their craft is something we pride ourselves on for Represent. We couldn’t be happier to provide this for the ever growing tap scene today!


  1. All Tap entries will receive an adjudication sheet via their studio registration account
  2. Tap entries will be adjudicated by a Tap industry professional.
  3. Tap will be featured in the Finals based on the # of tap entries we receive.
  4. Tap scoring & general competitive rules will remain consistent with the rest of the competition.These can be found in our Rules & Regulations document.
  5. All levels & ages are welcome. Rep reserves the right to combine certain divisions based on the number of entries we receive.